Make Money Writing Articles Or Web Content

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What is the one thing that everyone is looking for when they go online? You’ve got it – information. And if you can supply it in all kinds of shapes and forms then you will be paid for doing so, which could lead to a whole new career as a web writer.

Of course it isn’t just online markets that need content; there are hundreds of other markets you could break into as well, including magazines, but overall it is the internet which offers the best opportunities, especially for the beginning writer.

So why should you start online when you want to earn money writing? The reason is simple – it isn’t just editors that need your work. Website owners, people with newsletters that need writing and countless others all have writing jobs that they can’t or won’t do or don’t have the time to do themselves.

That generally sends them scurrying to websites like Elance and Get A Freelancer to find people who will write the articles and content they need for them. There are plus points and negative points to writing for the internet; you won’t often see your work published under your own name as you will usually be ghostwriting it for someone else, but you will get a lot of work since jobs quite often come in batches. You won’t often get just a single article to write for instance – you might get a half dozen, ten, twenty or even more, so the money can soon mount up.

The best places for finding work are the aforementioned sites, but you should also look on classified ad sites such as Craigslist for jobs in your own country and in other places around the world. There are also plenty of writing related websites that can easily be found via the search engines if you look for ‘online writing jobs’ or something similar. Don’t forget blogging jobs as well; if you have your own blog then you already have experience in blogging, so apply for as many as you can. Ongoing blogging jobs are great for bringing in a regular stream of income.

Getting started and building contacts is the hardest part. Go for jobs you feel confident in doing to begin with; after a while you will pick up speed and complete them faster and much more easily. You will soon learn to juggle your work as well in order to meet all your deadlines before they fall due – this is an essential skill you will need to develop in order to position yourself as one of the best in the business.

You could also work for a ghostwriting team if you prefer; these can also be found via the search engines and a simple email should reveal whether they are accepting new writers at any time. This can make life easier since you don’t have to go looking for work all the time – it is generally supplied by the team leader, depending on how that particular team works.

But can you really make a full time income by doing this? The answer is yes you can, but speed and quality are of the essence. If you produce good work then people will naturally come back to you for more of the same. They will also pay more for work of a better standard, so make sure you don’t put yourself down with the $2 an article crowd.

It will take time to build up enough work to be able to leave your current job and start a brand new career as a web writer, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do this if you persevere and keep checking the classified ad sites and job boards every single day. Don’t wait to apply for jobs either – do it as soon as you see them appear. Getting in early can make all the difference in some cases.

So do you think you have it in you to be a writer? If you do there is a huge market out there just waiting for you to dive in. Just remember where you came from, and leave us a comment by using the form below before you go and begin your new career!

Top List of free blogging sites

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Are you new to internet industry and looking at some ways to create presence for yourself? Then create a blog on free blogging websites will be the ideal option as that would not cost you any money. And the good thing you will get is that you will have working experience of how things work on internet, big knowledge about content management systems, huge exposure for you and more knowledge gaining and sharing about the topics you write on your blog. And once you reach to a level where you have respectable number of readers and want to monetize your blog, either go for self hosted domain or look for ways to monetize your blog on your existing blogging site.
Here is the list of top blogging websites where you can create your blogs for free in 5 minutes time only:

Blogger (Blogspot)

Blogger is owned by Google where we can create our public or private blogs for free. Blogger is the most used blogging site used by people new to blogging as well experts in blogging. It is the simplest blogging website available on internet where millions of new blogs are create and updated on daily basis. And some of latest additions like page adding facility, template customization, Amazon widget addition for monetization etc make it even more powerful blogging engine when compared with other leading blog hosting websites on internet.


WordPress is very popular blog creation website like blogger being used by people having some basic idea about blogging engines in general. And unique facilities like Tagging, Themes, Widgets, Categorization, Pinging, Plugins, pages creation, SEO friendly interface makes it even more powerful when compared with other content management systems available on the internet. If you are currently holding a free blog on Blogger or WordPress which is getting good number of traffic from search engines and is quite popular in your blog niche, you should switch to self hosted wordpress blog and then look for ways to monetize your blog.


Xanga is a website where we can create our blogs and hold our social network profiles. Xanga was started in 1999 as a book and music review website and now this website has 40 million users. Recently, they bring back personal url creation, site level search and monthly archive module.

Live Journal

Live Journal is another blogging site where we can create blogs for free. This website also has all facilities available in most of blog creation websites like multiple authors, commenting, calendars, and polls. But they have been able to keep themselves unique from the rest of blogging websites by having a feeling of being a community and having facilities available with most of social networking websites.
Do you know any other major blogging site, that should have been in this list, please share in the comments section below.

How to get free money from blogging

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When I think of a way to get free money from internet, some terms that automatically comes into my mind are blogs, freelancing, blogging, Google Adsense, Ads, Banners, Surveys, paid to surf or click websites etc. We cannot really make regular income from survey filling websites and paid to click kind of websites. But we have a very realistic and good chance of getting free and regular money from blogging which you can start instantly without making any investment. There are many blogging engines available where you can create your blogs for free. Some of famous blogging platforms where you can create your blogs for free are Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, LiveJournal, Vox, Xanga and etc.

I would suggest you to start with Blogger where you can create blogs for free and gives lots of freedom when we compare it with other blogging engines including WordPress. Best thing about free blogger bogs is that, you can chose a template of your choice and can add lots of elements to your blog quite easily like HTML or Java Script Code (that would allow you to add Google Adsense Ads on your Blog) RSS Feeds, Polls, Videos, images, News Feeds, Subscription links etc. And best thing about blogging with blogger is that you don’t need to be an expert or need prior knowledge of HTML language.

So start a blog about the things you are most knowledgeable about or about a particular topic or niche you have expertise in. Make a list of topics that you want to cover on your blog and start writing on these topics in your word document. And once you have covered 10-15 articles, publish them on your blog one by one. To keep your blog being updated on regular basis, you can make a system of adding 2-3 posts in a week or even more depending upon how much you can write and the topics you can cover on your blog. With content publishing,
Here are some of ways you can get free money from free blogger blogs:

Google Adsense Ads

Google Adsense is the most popular and most used monetization method adopted by website owners and the same thing applies to free blogs from blogger. We must have a Google Adsense account before start making money with it. And you should submit your quality blog with some age for qualifying for a publisher account on Google Adsense. Apart from Google Adsense which is a pay per click (PPC) Advertising program, there are some other pay per click advertising you can try are Yahoo Publisher Network (Currently available to US citizens), Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Oxado, Chitika etc

In Text Advertising

There are some in text advertising options available where you will be paid for every click made on any of ads placed around your website content. Some of popular in text advertising networks you can try are kontera, Infolinks and vibrantmedia etc.

Affiliate links

if your blog is focused around a particular niche, affiliate products can be your biggest source of income. Spend some time in finding products focused around your blog content in some of popular affiliate websites like Amazon, ClickBank, LinkShare and Commission Junction Etc

Sell Advertisements

you can get lots of money from advertisers if you are able to make your blog popular and have lots of search engine traffic. There are lots of blog that earns thousands of dollars every month just by selling advertising space on their blog only. If you have a blog that gets lots of quality traffic from search engine and has huge amount of readers, you can make money from everything like selling banners, links and even for reviewing a website.