Are you new to internet industry and looking at some ways to create presence for yourself? Then create a blog on free blogging websites will be the ideal option as that would not cost you any money. And the good thing you will get is that you will have working experience of how things work on internet, big knowledge about content management systems, huge exposure for you and more knowledge gaining and sharing about the topics you write on your blog. And once you reach to a level where you have respectable number of readers and want to monetize your blog, either go for self hosted domain or look for ways to monetize your blog on your existing blogging site.
Here is the list of top blogging websites where you can create your blogs for free in 5 minutes time only:

Blogger (Blogspot)

Blogger is owned by Google where we can create our public or private blogs for free. Blogger is the most used blogging site used by people new to blogging as well experts in blogging. It is the simplest blogging website available on internet where millions of new blogs are create and updated on daily basis. And some of latest additions like page adding facility, template customization, Amazon widget addition for monetization etc make it even more powerful blogging engine when compared with other leading blog hosting websites on internet.


WordPress is very popular blog creation website like blogger being used by people having some basic idea about blogging engines in general. And unique facilities like Tagging, Themes, Widgets, Categorization, Pinging, Plugins, pages creation, SEO friendly interface makes it even more powerful when compared with other content management systems available on the internet. If you are currently holding a free blog on Blogger or WordPress which is getting good number of traffic from search engines and is quite popular in your blog niche, you should switch to self hosted wordpress blog and then look for ways to monetize your blog.


Xanga is a website where we can create our blogs and hold our social network profiles. Xanga was started in 1999 as a book and music review website and now this website has 40 million users. Recently, they bring back personal url creation, site level search and monthly archive module.

Live Journal

Live Journal is another blogging site where we can create blogs for free. This website also has all facilities available in most of blog creation websites like multiple authors, commenting, calendars, and polls. But they have been able to keep themselves unique from the rest of blogging websites by having a feeling of being a community and having facilities available with most of social networking websites.
Do you know any other major blogging site, that should have been in this list, please share in the comments section below.